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About Us Angie Knuth learned one thing from her years in the service and entertainment industry: Appearance is everything. It shines through, affecting your confidence. It can make you feel sexy, smart, and even powerful. This understanding, coupled with some intriguing and satisfying appointments with a plastic surgeon, left an unrelenting desire to enter the field. She attended the Canadian Aesthetics Academy, filling every qualification for a new career in Medical Based Aesthetics. Angie graduated with honours at the top of her class, achieving a 98% average. Her studies included: Skin Care, Electro Epilation, Chemistry, Biology, Laser Hair Removal and Technologies, Chemical Peeling, Holistic Nutrition, and Microdermabrasion. To this date, Angie is working on her sixth certification. In the opinion of Luscious You, staying current to today's technologies should be an ongoing process. Training doesn't end with hanging that graduation certificate on the wall. Seminars and trade shows are an integral part of providing you not only the best services possible, but also the highest safety standards available. This is our passion. Our dedication to you. Our assurance that your safety, well-being and beauty are always at the forefront of our mandate. Contact Us. Luscious You is located at 218 West Street in Port Colborne ON, on the canal. Our phone number is (289) 836-9761. Call to book an appointment, or if you have any questions please fill out the form below, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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